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Gannon University Writing & Research Center: FAQs

FAQs for Students

What can I expect from a face-to-face appointment at the Writing & Research Center?

  • You can expect a one-on-one experience similar to a classroom peer review.  However, our trained peer consultants will focus first on your own concerns and questions about the assignment.  Our consultants value the high order concerns of a paper first: the thesis and focus, audience and purpose, organization, and development.  Then, if time allows, they will address spelling, grammar, and sentence structure concerns.
  • At the beginning of the appointment, your consultant will ask you to describe the assignment, your paper, and any questions or concerns you may have about either.  Then, your consultant will read your work, stopping to ask questions, explain concepts, and offer suggestions and strategies for revision.   
  • Please plan to stay in the Writing Center for the duration of your appointment.  The typical appointment lasts about 30 minutes; 60-minute appointments are also an option.    
  • If you are coming to the Writing & Research Center for humanities tutoring, you can expect a one-on-one tutoring session with a student who has taken and passed the specific course in which you want help. Your consultant can help you work out a study plan, explain in further detail class notes, or give you strategies for taking notes.  

How can I make the most of this appointment?

  • First, please be on time!  Especially during busy times of the semester, we may be unable to accommodate you if you are late to your appointment.  As a rule of thumb, if you are fifteen minutes late, you will have to reschedule.
  • To be prepared for an appointment, be sure to bring the following materials: your assignment sheet, something to write with, and a hard copy of your paper.  (Because our consultants address any step in the writing process, you may bring an incomplete draft.)  You may choose to bring two copies of your paper: one for the consultant to read and one for you to write on.
  • If you have specific questions about your paper, be sure to let your consultant know immediately.  This way, he or she will know what to look for while reading your paper.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions!  At the end of a session, we want students to feel confident as they go forth to revise their papers.  If you are unsure about a consultant’s advice, feel free to ask him or her to repeat or clarify information.
  • If you are coming to the Writing & Research Center for humanities tutoring, please make sure to bring your notes, textbook, and any other relevant material. To make the most of your scheduled time, please come prepared with questions or specific concepts you would like help with. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Navigate to  Log in using your Gannon ID and password (make sure not to add to your ID). You may be prompted to create an account.  If so, fill out the necessary information, then log in again.  Choose “Writing Center/Humanities Tutoring” from the drop-down menu.  On this page, the white boxes indicate a free appointment space.  Based on your preferred appointment time or consultant, choose a white box to make an appointment.  From here, you will need to fill out some basic information about the course and assignment, then your appointment is set!   
  • To schedule an online appointment, please be sure to choose “Yes—Meet online instead of in-person.”  Before your online appointment begins, return to this appointment window.  Under “Notes/Comments,” you will find the unique link that will allow you to access your online appointment.
  • If you would like humanities tutoring in a specific class, please use the "Limit to:" drop-down box to find the specific course. The schedule will then populate with the consultants who are able to tutor that class. If there is not an available tutor for your class, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at We will do our best to connect you with someone who can help you. 

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

  • You can return to, click on your appointment, and click the “cancel” button at the bottom of the window. Please cancel your appointment in a timely manner, especially around mid-terms or finals when many students want to use the Writing & Research Center. We encourage you to reschedule the appointment at a more convenient time.   

Can I drop my paper off to be proofread and pick it up later?

  • No, the Writing & Research Center is not an editing service.  Because we value student interaction and collaboration, we require students to be present during consultations. 

My professor required me to make a Writing & Research Center appointment.   How can I let him or her know about my appointment?

  • For each appointment, you will fill out a session summary form.  The Writing & Research Center keeps one copy for its records and provides you with another copy.  You may turn this form in to your professor or staple it to your final paper.
  • The Writing Center will also send an e-mail notification to your professor, if you choose that option on your session summary form.  However, it is always a good idea to turn in your copy of the session summary form as extra insurance.
  • Athletes, please note we can also send notifications to coaches if need be.

FAQs for Instructors

What does the Writing & Research Center do?

  • The Writing & Research Center offers in-person and online peer consultation experiences.  At any point in the writing process, our trained Writing Consultants help students address high order concerns of a paper: its thesis and focus, audience and purpose, organization, and development.  Then, if time allows, lower order concerns including spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are addressed.
  • Sessions at the Writing & Research Center are similar to peer reviews.  Our consultants read and discuss student papers in the context of the assignment and any individual concerns the students may have.  While our consultants may pose questions and offer advice or guidance, the student writers are ultimately responsible for making all revisions to their work.

Who works in the Writing & Research Center?

  • The Writing & Research Center staff consists of undergraduate Writing Consultants from a variety of majors, not just English. 

Are Writing Consultants available for in-class visits?

  • Yes!  Please visit to schedule a class orientation.  One or two consultants will visit your classroom to discuss the Writing & Research Center’s services with your students.  You may also elect to bring your students to the Writing & Research Center for this presentation.  Each orientation lasts about 15-20 minutes.
  • Writing Consultants may also be available to assist during classroom peer review sessions or lead specialized workshops.  To arrange for this assistance, please use the link provided above.

I require my students to visit the Writing & Research Center.  Will I be notified about my students’ visits?

  • Yes.  During appointments, every student will fill out a session summary form.  On this form, students may elect to notify their instructors about their visit.  Within a few days, instructors will receive an e-mailed copy of this summary form.
  • Students will also receive a paper copy of this summary form.  Consultants recommend that students turn this copy in with their final papers, if the instructor does not already require them to do so.

Can my students drop their papers off to be proofread?

  • No.  The Writing & Research Center values maintaining student ownership of work within a collaborative learning environment.  Because of this, our consultants will not read papers without their writers present.   

How can I support the Writing & Research Center?

  • First, please encourage your students to use our services!  “Plugs” on syllabuses and assignment sheets often remind students about resources available to them. The following is information you can place in your syllabus:

The Gannon Writing & Research Center is part of the Nash Learning Commons and is located in the lower level of Nash Library. We staff undergraduate students in a variety of majors, including humanities, sciences, and health sciences, who have exceeded expectations in their core writing and other humanities courses. Consultants are trained to assist with all aspects of the writing process—from generating ideas to drafting, revising, and editing. Humanities Tutoring in core classes is also offered. The center offers one-on-one consultations, both in-house and online. You can log onto online tutoring anywhere you can access the Internet. Appointments occur in real-time and are interactive. The Writing & Research Center also houses the Sanner Presentation Studio. To make an appointment with one of our consultants or to utilize the Sanner Presentation Studio, log onto:

Writing & Research Center Hours

Monday-Thursday                          9am-9pm

Friday                                             9am-3:30pm

Sunday                                           5pm-9pm


  • If you require students to make appointments, please give them (and us) notice in advance.  This advance notice will help students plan their visits accordingly.  As a result, our staff will be less likely to be overwhelmed, especially during mid-terms and finals when the Writing & Research Center is often booked. You can e-mail Director Elizabeth Kons at or the Writing & Research Center at  
  • Likewise, feel free to keep in contact with us regarding specific assignments and expectations.  This is particularly useful with more challenging or unconventional assignments.  Sending us copies of your instruction sheet or even sample papers, for instance, will enable us to assist your students more effectively.