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Gannon University Writing & Research Center: Meet the Consultants

Matt C.

Matt is a senior environmental engineering major. He is an ardent learner--a fervent reader and podcast consumer (always accepting suggestions). Matt enjoys trying new beers and playing soccer to counterpoise. One can make a friend or an enemy by challenging me to a board game. Some of my writing strengths include my technical vocabulary, grammar, and structure.

Grant M.

Grant is a senior Psychology major with a love for people and playing guitar. Meet with him to look into any psychology or creative writing!

Alexa R.

Alexa is a junior English major and this year's editor for Totem. She enjoys thunderstorms and reading and writing by the lake, though not necessarily at the same time! Come see her for feedback on any of your creative writing pieces. 

Renée L.

Renée is a junior Psychology major. She can help you with any written assignment, especially those regarding psychology, philosophy, and political science. She hopes to see you at the Writing & Research Center!

Lydia P.

Lydia is a junior Physician Assistant major. She enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews, trying new foods and restaurants, and going to Discount Day at the movies with friends! At the WRC, she likes helping freshmen students with research papers and memoirs. She can also be helpful with any health science related writing assignments. 

Sabrina Y.

Sabrina is a senior English major. Her hobbies include: reading, writing, Netflix, and eating food. She would be most helpful with citations (MLA), organizing thoughts/ideas, grammar, and  brainstorming.

Taylor R.

Taylor is a sophomore studying in the LECOM 4+4 Medical Program majoring in Biology. She also runs in the Women’s Cross Country Program. She is looking forward to a successful semester and cannot wait to work with you in the Writing & Research Center!

Emily C.

Emily is a senior psychology major who likes to hike in her free time. Some of her strengths in writing are style, vocabulary and grammar. Come see her for tutoring in psychology or help with APA. 

Emily S.

Emily is a senior Occupational Therapy major who loves soccer and service work. Meet with her for help with occupational therapy assignments or APA assistance!

Julia F.

Julia is a fourth year Occupational Therapy student with a minor in Psychology. She is proficient at editing for grammatical and punctuation mistakes, working with APA format, as well as making sure papers are cohesive, clear, and organized.  Outside of class, she participates in the Gannon Concert Band where she plays the clarinet. She lives her life to the fullest by exploring the world through travel. So far she has been to England, Wales, Greece, and Italy! 

James S.

James is a senior Theology major, and on top of writing both on his own and for others, he highly enjoys spending time with friends/family & watching professional wrestling!

Randall S.

Randall is a freshman majoring in Public Service and Global Affairs (PSGA). He loves participating in debates, Model United Nations, and having fun on weekends! Come see him for help with grammar, syntax/sentence structure, and writing organization.

Rachel N.

Rachel is a senior Physicians Assistant major and loves spending times outdoors and with family and friends. Meet with her for help with AMA, research or creative writing pieces!

Alyssa B.

Alyssa is a Junior Occupational Therapy major, Psychology minor. She loves art, coffee, and the beach. Come see Alyssa for help with your research paper.

Malorie P.

Malorie is a second-year Teacher's Assistant in the English department. She teaches College Composition and Critical Analysis. Come see her to discuss your thesis, APA citations, or research. 

Claudia H.

Claudia is  a freshman majoring in Public Service and Global Affairs. Her writing strengths include creativity, development and organization. Claudia is also bilingual in English and Spanish. In her free time she enjoys cooking, reading and drawing.