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Gannon University Writing & Research Center: Sanner Presentation Studio

Sanner Presentation Studio

The Sanner Presentation Studio was added to the Writing & Research Center in Spring 2018. The studio provides a space for students to practice speeches, record themselves speaking or explore digital media. Equipped with a green screen, the studio is perfect for those who are looking to practice speaking or editing. 

When making an appointment to use the Sanner Presentation Studio, keep in mind a consultant does not come with the appointment. If you would like a consultant's help with a speech while you use the studio, make sure to schedule an appointment with both the studio and a consultant. A flash drive with at least 2-gigs of memory provided by the student is also necessary to operate the video equipment in the studio.  

There is a computer lab across the hall from the Writing & Research Center and a computer bar of Apple computers for students to use for editing. 

Please view the "How to Use the Sanner Presentation Studio" hand-out below for more information.