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APA Citation Style 7th edition

Article Basic Format

Author, A. A. & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of article. Journal Name, volume #(issue #), page range (#-#).


Capitalize only the first letter of first word of title and article subtitle.
Capitalize all major words in periodical (journal/magazine or newspaper) name
Italicize periodical name and volume number
Do not italicize comma after periodical name, issue number or parentheses
Include the page range with dash (no spaces around dash)
End with a period.



Article with a DOI

Hartwig, E. K. & Smelser, Q. K. (2018). Practitioner perspectives on animal-assisted counseling. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 40(1), 43-57.

Article without a DOI (from library database or print copy)

Lewis, C. (2020). Don't blame it on their youth. American Theatre, 37(1), 60-62.


Article without a DOI (non-database URL)

Pitsker, K. (2020). A new way to repay college loans. Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

Article with 2 to 20 authors (Use an ampersand "&" before the final author's name)

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., Author, C. C., & Author, D.D. (Year). Article title: First word of subtitle also capitalized. Title of Magazine or JournalVol. #(issue#), page range (#-#). DOI (https://...)


Kent, F. Nankervis, K., Johnson, C. Hodgkinson, M., Baulch, J., & Haines, T. (2018). 'More effort and more time.' Considerations in the establishment of interprofessional education programs in the workplace. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 32(1), 89-94. 

Book with more than 21 authors (List first 19 authors followed by ellipse ( . . . ) then the final author's name)

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., Author, C. C., Author, D. D., Author, E. E., Author, F. F., Author, G. G., Author, H. H., Author, I. I., Author, J. J., Author, K. K., Author, L. L., Author, M. M., Author, N. N., Author, A. B., Author, A. C., Author, B. C., Author, B. D., Author, C. D., . . . Author, Z.Z. (Year). Title of Article. Title of Journal, vol. # (issue#), page range (#-#). DOI (https://...)

Basic Format

Author, A. A. & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of article. Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews. Doi #

In text citation:

Parenthetical Citation: (Author et al., year)
Narrative Citation: Author et al. (year)



Smith, C. A., Collins, C. T., Levett, K. M., Armour, M., Dahlen, H. G., Tan, A. L., & Mesgarpour, B.  (2020). Acupuncture or acupressure for pain management during labour. Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews.‚Äč

In text citation:

Parenthetical Citation: (Smith et al., 2020)
Narrative Citation: Smith et al. (2020)

Newspaper article

Author, A. A. & Author, B. B. (Year, Month Date). Title of article. Newspaper Name, volume #(issue #), page range (#-#).

Print Example

Barrett, D. & Paletta, D. (2015, June 25). Officials masked severity of hack. Wall Street Journal - Eastern Edition, A1-A4.
Online Example
Spencer, K. (2019, October 10). Helping low-income students navigate college. New York Times.