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APA Citation Style 7th edition

Audiovisual Media notes

  • References follow pattern based on whether the work stands alone or part of greater whole. 
  • Author is determined by media type
  • Identify type - [Film], [TV series], [Audio podcast episode], [Song], etc. in title element of reference


Film or Video

Grant, J. (Producer). (2018). Understanding the opioid epidemic. [film;educational DVD]. WNED-TV.


TV Series

Docherty, N., Elash, A., & Ellenwood, L.  (Producers). (2016). Supplements and safety.  (Season 2016, Episode 3) [TV series episode]. In R. Aronson-Rath & D. Fanning (Executive Producers),  Frontline. WGBH Educational Foundation.


Vultaggio, M. (2019). Gen Z college students use Instagram for gift inspiration. [Chart]. Statista.  Retrieved from


American Library Association. (2018). Censorship by the numbers[Infographic].


Clip Art/Stock Image (not needed for clipart from Microsoft programs)

Creator, A. A. (Year). Title of image (or description of picture) [Clip art/Stock image]. Publisher.  URL
Giralt. (2015). Spiral books shelves. [Stock image]. Pixaby.


Rutter, M., Le Couteur, A., & Lord, C. (2003). ADI-R: Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised: Manual. Western Psychological Services. 


Assessment Tool

Dunn, W. (2014). Short Sensory Profile. Psychological Corporation.