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Room Booking Procedure

  • All study rooms require a bookingundefined
  • Users must check in using one of the following options:
    • Using link in confirmation email
    • Using Check in/Out option on this page
    • Stopping in by the main library Service Desk for staff check in (email confirmation needed)
  • Bookings are automatically cancelled if check in does not occur within 15 minutes of start time.
  • Individuals using rooms after cancellation or without an proof of booking will be asked to relocate to open study area. 
  • Users must check out when leaving

Check Availability

room booking landing page image and link

Check in/Check out 

How to Booking video explaining how to place a booking.

Room Booking Video image and link
Click the picture to watch Room Booking tutorial.

Note: QR codes are currently not being used. Please disregard QR Code information in video and refer to top left corner of this page for more information.