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Getting Started

Finding Articles & Journals using Library Databases

Nash Library's electronic databases provide access to millions of articles available 24/7.

Are you looking to find an article on a specific subject, article, or journal?

Click on the link below to visit our A-to-Z resource index page to select from our available databases:

decorative Databases image with link to A to Z Databases index for article searching

Article on a specific subject or topic:

Search all library collections and all online scholarly content by entering your subject or keywords into the search tool.

Specific Article:

Copy and paste the specific article title into the search tool.

Specific Journal

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Search with a Database

Databases are specialized collections of articles, eBooks, and reports stored in an electronic format provided by Nash Library 

  • Databases can be searched 24/7 by a computer using keyword search terms.
  • Databases provide the high-quality scholarly research instructors are looking for in assignments.

Visit our A to Z Database index page, for full listing of all collections.