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Faculty Library Services

Access Issues

Where are you trying to access the library from? Are you access the library's website from your work computer?

If you are attempting to access the library's resources/website from an educational, hospital or government computer, there may be a firewall in place that may be preventing you from using the library's proxy server. If this is the case, please try accessing from a less secure area or smartphone, if possible.

Is Your Password Not Recognized?

If you have entered your username and password into the login screen and unable to access the database/resource search page, review the questions below.

When was the last time you updated your password? Is your browser using an older saved password?

If you use your browser's saved password options, try manually entering your current password. Check with the ITS help desk on how to remove outdated passwords from your browser.

What browser or browser settings are you using?

Your browser must have cookies enabled to allow authentication. The ITS help desk can assist you with how to enable cookies for your particular browser.

Browser popup blockers may prevent access to some services, be sure to disable pop up blockers for the library resource sites.

For additional help or questions regarding access, contact the Library Service Desk, 814/871-7557 or ITS Help Desk, 814/871-7501.