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Research Process: A Step-by-Step Approach: 2c - Choosing the Right Database

Guide to help students familiarize themselves with the research process and useful library tools.

What are databases?

A database is essentially a searchable index of books and the articles available in particular journals. All of Nash Library's databases are available to you remotely over the Internet. 

Some databases will only provide you with citations to journal articles. A citation provides you with all the information you will need to locate a particular article in a journal. 

Many journal databases will supply an abstract along with the citation. An abstract is a short description of the content of a journal article (usually only a paragraph or two). This can be helpful in determining whether the article meets your requirements or not. 

Article Database by Subject

​Visit our A-Z Databases page for a listing of all the library's databases. 

Once on the page you can select your subject area using the first drop down option.


Ebook Databases

Discipline/Course Guides

Visit the list of library pages for specific disciplines and courses using the link below.