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MLA Citation Style Guide

Overview of using MLA 8th ed. to format citations.

Sections of a MLA style paper

Papers done in MLA format, generally do not have a separate title page. The author's name, instructor's name, course number and date appear at the start of the paper aligned to the left-hand side of the page. 

Endnotes begin on a new page following last paragraph of paper and before the Works Cited section. Entries are double-spaced and are indented .5" from the margin.

Work Cited page is a list of all sources cited in the paper beginning on a new page following either the final paper paragraph or Endnotes page. 

** Always check with your instructor, for specific formatting and paper instructions.

General Guidelines

Font - 12-point Times News Roman

Spacing - Double-space entire paper, including quotations, EndNotes and Works Cited pages.

Margins - 1" on all sides.

Page Numbers - Number all pages consecutively in the upper right-hand corner, one-half inch from top. The format is Last Name #. Do not use "p" before the page number. Check with instructor if the first page needs to be numbered.

Parenthetical References - Used in text of paper for all sources of information/data, whether paraphrased or direct quote; format is author-page method. Page numbers required.

Works Cited page - requires hanging indents, where the first line of each citation is not indented but all following lines are indented one-half inch.