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Library Orientation

Review of Nash Library and its resources for new Gannon students

Primary vs Secondary Source Video

Popular vs Scholarly Sources

Primary Source

Secondary Source

  • First-hand accounts or original works
  • Author is writer/creator of the original work
  • Definition can often vary depending on academic discipline
  • Interprets/Analyzes primary sources
  • Includes comment/discussion on the original/primary source to answer question
  • Second-hand information


  • Diary
  • Conference papers
  • Correspondence
  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Interviews
  • Notes
  • Patents
  • Proceedings
  • Technical Reports
  • News (printed, radio, TV, online)
  • Photographs
  • Blogs
  • Social Media sites
  • Government Publications
  • Speeches
  • Original art work
  • Novels, plays, short stories, poems, dictionaries
  • Articles describing first-hand research, experiment results, surveys, or data sets
  • Documentation of lab research/research studies


  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Literature reviews
  • Critical review of scholarly studies
  • Critical interpretation of art and artists/preformances
  • Biographies
  • Text books
  • Reviews
  • Publications about significant research or experiments.