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AMA Citation Style

Overview of using AMA to format citations

In-Text Citation Guidelines

  • References are numbered in consecutive order in the body of the paper. If using a resource multiple times in one paper, use the same number throughout.
  • Use superscript arabic numerals to cite materials (example, 1)
  • Superscript number1 is inserted into the document directly next to the item being cited 
    • Outside periods and commas. (example,3)
    • Inside colons and semi-colons (example4;)
  • Separate the numbers with a comma if citing more than one reference (non-sequential example1,5 sequential example5-8)
  • You may use author last names in your text, as long as they are accompanied by numbered citations
    • For two authors, include both names (example: Smith and Johnson2 reported on....)
    • For three or more, include first author's surname and then "et al" or "and colleagues"