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Ruskin Services Overview

Details for Ruskin students using Library Resources

Publisher sites vary. When completing ILL request forms for articles found doing a Internet search, be sure to identify your journal title correctly:



It can be easy to confuse publisher names with journal titles

Publication versus publisher graphic



Publisher names/tag lines are often found at the top of the website. Followed by the publication name.

Sage publication page screenshot


Does the publisher provide the full text? 

Publisher pages change often and determining if full text is available may hard to determine. Whether you follow a link from a library resource search or searching on the Internet, scan the site for either a PDF icon or "full text" before submitting a request.

Disability & Rehabilitation article screenshot


Where you search will make a difference. Computer/map graphic

Searching with a Gannon workstation may provide access to some publisher full text sites due to individual electronic title subscriptions.



If you have a question about what can be accessed feel free to contact a librarian or search for your article by pasting full article title in our One Search on our home page.