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Details about STEM Center

Please visit to view our tutor schedule and make an appointment!

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in working as a STEM Center tutor, please fill out our application here: 

At this time, we are primarily hiring for work beginning Fall 2024 and beyond.  Applications received by Sunday, March 10 are guaranteed to receive full consideration for open positions.

STEM Center tutors are important paid student leadership positions on campus that offer the opportunity to assist or support peers to accomplish their academic goals.  At the same time, working in the STEM Center creates opportunities to strengthen and maintain one's own communication, teamwork, and academic skills, as well as share in the student-facing and backend organizational dynamics of Gannon University’s largest student employer.  Tutors, who are usually undergraduate STEM or business majors, generally either work as a one-on-one tutor in our Nash Library location supporting Gannon STEM/business courses they performed well in, or as a STEM-PASS tutor, leading multiple extra-help sessions each week for students in a targeted course while going the extra mile to prepare relevant and helpful session material.

In accordance with new student employment practices at Gannon, new tutors will be paid at least $10/hour beginning in Fall 2024.  Working schedules are set to generally be consistent each week, and are made in full consideration of tutors' preferred hours and overall availability.  STEM-PASS tutors work 10-12 hours/week, and new 1-on-1 STEM Center tutors can generally work anywhere from 5 to 7.5 hours/week (tutor's choice), although more may be possible.


STEM Center Interviews (required part of the application process, to be completed after submitting the above application form):

First, note that we may have no or limited interviewers available until late January or early February.  If you apply before then, be sure to check back to interview once we are set up to facilitate this aspect of the hiring process!

To schedule this interview, login to the STEM Center schedule at (you will be prompted to create an account if this is your first login).  Then, view the list of available interviewers for the appointment by choosing "INTERVIEW" (which is listed alphabetically between course codes), from the "Course or Focus" dropdown menu at the top of the page.  In order to be able to make this interview appointment with two interviewers, you have to schedule two simultaneous 30-minute appointments with two available interviewers at an open time convenient for you, so long as both interviewers are not a close acquaintance of yours (or of closer relationship).  Please be aware that most interviewers will be listed as available at times that no other interviewer is available, due to their normal tutoring schedules; do not sign up at a time when only one interviewer is available.

Please contact Nash Library Administrative Assistant Jenny Donor ( if you need assistance scheduling an interview, including if interviewer availability does not appear to align with your own.

At these interviews, we may ask to discuss further any of your responses in this application and/or an attached resume.  Additionally, you may be asked questions pertaining to how you might plan handle routine or difficult scenarios that could arise when working at the STEM Center.  You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you have, as well.  You do not need to bring any materials to this interview, and there is no need to "dress up"; your normal attire for the day are fine. After the interview, the student employees running the interview will submit a brief form to the Director summarizing the interview experience.

There is no specific thing that we are looking to observe in order to "nail the interview".  Behaviors, traits, characteristics, and skills important to tutoring and work in the STEM Center are the only things we are looking for, and for each, there are many ways in which they can be shown!  You will not be asked questions that must be answered with sensitive information about your academic performance or private issues.

Student employees running interviews *will* be provided with your resume (if attached) and responses you give on this application (other than your phone number, addresses, and personal email address) in order to facilitate a meaningful experience, but *will not* have access to your course grades or other student records.